7 Tips To Make Stainless Steel Shiny

Stainless steel is everywhere in the house. Beautiful and practical, stainless steel is robust and easy to maintain. What cleaning products should I use to keep it looking bright? We offer seven tips to make your stainless steel accessories shine.

Have you ever wondered why steel is so popular in our everyday life? Its strength, shine and durability make it a favored choice for many objects. But how can you clean this material at home? Find out how to make steel shine in this article.


Use soap and water

Use soap and water

Stainless steel can easily tarnish due to the accumulation of residue, grease and water marks. For regular cleaning, you can simply use warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth to remove traces and degrease the surface. Dishwashing liquid, Marseille soap or black soap will work just as well. Dry promptly with a dry cloth.

Mix olive oil and lemon

mix olive oil and lemon

To make stainless steel shine, there’s nothing better than using a mixture with a few drops of oil (olive, sunflower, etc.) and lemon. Lightly soak a microfiber cloth in the product and gently rub your stainless steel accessory with it. Antibacterial and degreasing lemon will make stainless steel shine. As for the oil, it will leave a thin film of grease which will protect the stainless steel during subsequent uses. Raw potato peelings will do the same thing.

Remove stains with white stone

The white stone or clay stone is a multi-purpose cleaning product that is particularly effective for removing thick dirt, fingerprints or limescale from stainless steel. Place a little white stone on a damp sponge and gently rub over all stainless steel surfaces. Rinse well to prevent streaks. Meudon whiting  can also be used as an alternative.

Using Baking Soda

100% natural, baking soda or sodium comes in white powder form. To polish a stainless steel accessory, dissolve a few tablespoons of bicarbonate in hot water. Using a sponge, apply this cleaner to the stainless steel. Then rinse with clean hot water.

You Have  to know

Avoid spreading baking soda in paste form on your utensils, you could scratch the stainless steel.

Shine with rubbing alcohol

Even though stainless steel is a durable material that does not rust, it can become tarnished or scratched by a household chemical product. Never use bleach, ammonia or an abrasive product to clean it, nor use scraping sponges or scouring pads. However, household alcohol can be used to restore shine to a dull stainless steel surface. A few drops on a cloth are sufficient.

Buff the stainless steel with newspaper

A newspaper is useful for housekeeping, for cleaning exterior windows or the barbecue grill for example. But it can also restore luster to stainless steel. Simply dampen it slightly, and then pass it over the surface to be polished.

Is cleaning stainless steel possible with white vinegar?

The answer is yes, but above all, it is not pure. It is essential to dilute the white vinegar in lukewarm or cold water, respecting at least one part water for one part vinegar. If your accessory has lime stains, vinegar will be very effective. Caution: if you use it pure, the white vinegar could attack and stain your stainless steel utensil.


Stainless steel’s beauty lies in its simplicity, and the best ways to restore its luster reflect that same minimalist approach. Vinegar, olive oil, and other household staples not only do the trick but also emphasize sustainability. Forget harsh chemicals; a radiant shine can be kind to your home and the environment.

You know everything now, all you have to do is adopt these tips to maintain your stainless steel accessories.

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